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'Who will Sasuke end up with' isn't the question, as it would obviously be Sakura, but 'Will Sasuke end up with anyone.' Respectfully I'd like to point out that it would be OOC for Sasuke to want any ROMANTIC relationship with Sakura (or anyone else). I can see Sakura accepting that fact at the end of the mange. I'm right am I not?

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No, I hate this idea to be honest, It would NOT be ooc lol you’re implying that Sasuke is some alien who can’t have a romantic relationship…. he is fully capable of having a romantic relationship! Anyone call be in love, and actually I can fully see Sasuke want that, it’s normal and revenge will be out of his system.
Sasuke has always craved for love.

Doesn’t look like someone who wouldn’t want a romantic relationship to me ^^ and I believe he already has feelings for her so I fully disagree with this argument, he is a person that wants love like everyone else.

The only thing I see at the end of the manga is lots of Haruno Uchiha-ness.

Agree! Sasuke is fully capable of having a romantic relationship 

Actually no one seems more passionate than an Uchiha, haha


I swear to God, all the characters in Fairy Tail could die in ONE chapter and it would still be a smaller scandal than Sakura looking into Sasuke’s eyes for a second.

Sasusaku shippers got game.

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